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Welcome to The Other Side Media Group Online!

For over five years now.. we've been providing the "other" voice to Quinte & surrounding areas... and we're not going to stop at that!!

A message from the founders about our team... and this site!

The Other Side Media Group is a production team from Belleville Ontario Canada. We are commited to producing many media projects that give a greater voice to those in need.

Our Group currently produces radio, print media & video productions all under "The Other Side" name. We also have many new projects under development and are looking to expand in the future. The Other Side M.G. takes great pride in showcasing the stories of people making a difference in the lives of others from our community and beyond.

We plan to continue to serve the needs of the people, through all our productions and encourage anyone to contact us to see if we can help you or your organization because together we can make a difference!

On our web site you will be able to stay up to date on all our projects browse, "The Other Side News Update", learn more about the group through our "Organization Profile", check out our "Photo Gallery" for a look at some GREAT 'Other Side moments, contact us... & much more!

Enjoy your visit, tell all your friends about us and come back soon Thanks for visiting The Other Side M.G. Online....

Yours Truly:
J.T.& J.R. Davis
The Other Side Media Group

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E-mail us for more information... Write to the address below. Please remember to sign our guest book...